Walking Trail

Update - Fall 2021

Design of the Walking Trail between Dovedale Cove and the dam is nearly complete, with construction beginning in early 2022.  The plans can be reviewed here or at the City offices.  Bids are currently being solicited. 

A Message from the Mayor and City Council

It is exciting to see so many individuals and families out on the trail! We have received positive feedback on the sections recently completed between The Hills City Park and Dovedale Cove. Councilmember Robert Smith as Trail Committee Chair, staff, the contractor, and the project management team worked diligently to ensure that a quality product was delivered, despite the challenges presented by the COVID19 pandemic.

The City Council recently voted on a plan for the next phases of this wonderful community asset.  City Manager Wendy Smith will work with the Engineer to design from Dovedale Cove to Wingreen Loop.  A survey and plans are expected to be complete in early 2021.  The project will be bid for construction in the latter half of 2021.  As these timelines come into focus, additional information will be provided via the website, email, and Facebook. 

Your Mayor and City Councilmembers remain committed to building out the walking trail without debt incurred from loans or bonds. Through strategic planning, we will be able to complete this project in five years instead of thirteen years, as originally projected.  Our objective has always been to continue bettering our city while keeping our property taxes low.  This practice aligns with our Guiding Principle: To enhance the quality of life and safety of our residents with a focus on continuing to improve property values in The Hills at the most cost-effective value proposition.  

We look forward to bringing you updates soon regarding this essential project.  


Your Mayor and City Council

Walking Trail PDF Link

Walking Trail Map Constructed and Proposed Sections around The Hills Drive