J. R. Smith

Mayor and City Council
Title: Mayor Pro Tempore
Phone: 512-261-6281
J. R. Smith

Overview & Family
Having been born, reared and graduated high school in Troup, Texas, J.R. moved to Dallas to seek employment. After being hired by Southwestern Bell in 1948, he worked in various craft assignments for some 15 years. During this time, he met and married Norma, his wife of 58 years and they became parents of two girls and grandparents of four children: one girl and three boys.

At the urging and support of Norma, J.R. enrolled in night classes at Southern Methodist University in the fall of 1956 while working full-time. After only 12 years, he accepted his BBA with the class of ’68.

Activities & Experience
Following his years of craft work for Southwestern Bell, J.R. progressed through several management assignments where he was principally involved in the construction and maintenance of outside telephone facilities. In these assignments, he was responsible for the activities of organizations of 200-300 employees and budgets of multi-millions.

During his working years, he participated in many volunteer opportunities which include efforts to develop the underprivileged, community projects such as the United Way, local blood drives and similar efforts.

Following retirement in 1991, J.R. served 3 years on the board of directors of the Riverbend Country Club in Houston. During his tenure, he was instrumental in the construction of a new club house, the re-write of the club by-laws, the re-write of club rules for golf, tennis and house activities and the employing of the General Manager.

Since making a decision for living in The Hills, J.R. and Norma built their home in 1997 at 19 Camwood Trail and he has served as an Alderman since that time. He currently serves as Mayor Pro Tem. He has a strong commitment for preserving the quality of life in The Hills. He supports the efforts of the Council as they have worked toward traffic control, wild animal control and the development of the Village Park. He was instrumental in the construction of a perimeter fence, including the masonry fence along Lohman’s Crossing and landscaping the right of way along the front of the community on Lohman’s. He established the Village Solid Waste and Recycling program for the Village and is currently responsible for the management of that program.

J.R. is proud to be at home in The Hills and he feels that it is the responsibility of every citizen to make a positive contribution to the community in which he lives. 

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