1. The Club

    Nestled in the heart of the Texas Hills Country, The Hills of Lakeway presents a secluded retreat just off the shores of beautiful Lake Travis.

  2. Community Service Award

    The Board of Aldermen of the Village of The Hills is seeking nominations from the residents for the Citizen Community Service Award.

  3. Coyotes

    Reports of sightings of coyotes in The Hills should remind us that coyotes are indigenous to this part of the country.

  4. Deer Management

    In 1999 a referendum was held in The Hills asking residents to vote on whether or not they wanted The Hills to institute a deer management program. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of instituting a program.

  5. Forest Treatment Plan

    View the Forest Treatment Plan.

  6. Golf Carts

    Access information about the operation of golf carts on The Hills roads.

  7. Oak Wilt

    Oak Wilt

  1. Property Owners Association

    Welcome to our community! Learn about the Property Owners Association of the Village of The Hills, Texas.

  2. Protect Your Home from Wildfire

    In an intense wildfire such as we have in the Hill Country, most homes ignite from wind-blown embers landing on inflammable materials.

  3. Village History

    The Hills of Lakeway, now designated as The Hills (or Village of The Hills), was originally in the extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) of the City of Austin.

  4. Village News

    Visit the Village News page for the latest happenings and information in The Hills.

  5. Watering Trees During Drought (PDF)

    See this important information about watering your trees during a drought.

  6. Maintenance & Removal of Trees Policy & Procedures

    The Hills Board of Aldermen has approved the policy and procedure for the maintenance and removal of trees and other landscaping on property owned by the village.

  7. Youth Advisory Commission

    Stay up to date on activities involving The Hills Youth Advisory Commission.