1. VOH Board of Aldermen

    The Board of Aldermen is responsible for the ownership and maintenance of most of the fence surrounding The Hills, garbage collection, park maintenance and operations, property plats, deer management, traffic control and compliance with the laws of the State of Texas and Travis County.

  2. Departments

    Gain details about the Village of The Hills departments.

  3. Open Government

    The Board of Aldermen of The Hills is committed to open government and all residents are invited to attend meetings of the Board.

  4. Ordinances

    Access ordinances from the year 2008 to current.

  5. Plats

    When property is replatted (adding one or more lots to an existing lot or lots) or vacated (subtracting one or more lots from an existing plat) the Board of Aldermen must approve the transaction.

  6. Resolutions

    Browse the Village of The Hills resolutions.