Security & Emergency Response

The Hills has been most fortunate in having an extremely capable Deputy Constable who not only polices our roads but is charged with upholding the laws of the State of Texas. That includes vandalism by juveniles and criminal acts by those of all ages. He has solved many of the acts of vandalism that have occurred in our community and restitution to those affected has been made in most cases. Several acts of vandalism in the city park have resulted in extra costs and time spent by volunteers in both cleaning up and contacting contractors.

If you, your home, property or vehicle is the object of vandalism or a criminal act call “911” which will alert both the constable and the Sheriff’s Office and also call The Hills Security at 512-261-0945 so that an incident report may be filed (this phone number is also listed in the Lakeway Residents Directory). The city again encourages parents to supervise their youngsters and their children’s friends.